Boat Classes

At Lancing SC we sail a variety of classes of boats. The list is ever-evolving as interest and trends come and go however, the mainstay of classes suited to our sailing conditions remains.

RS Tera

The RS Tera is at the heart of our training fleet enabling our youth sailors to learn the ropes. In just a few sessions novices are enjoying single-handed sailing.

RS 400

The RS 400 is one of Phil Morrison designs, a two-person asymmetric hiking dinghy. Suitable for inland and sea sailing. Optimum combined crew/helm weight approx 150 – 190Kg (on the sea). Excellent UK circuit with fleets often exceeding 40 boats.

The RS 400 requires effort upwind to sail quickly but you are rewarded by excellent downwind sailing. A stable forgiving hull shape makes the boat once mastered a dream to sail in all conditions, the boat is particularly good for sailing at Lancing SC

Laser II

The Laser II is an exciting, ISAF recognised International One Design racing dinghy which is ideal for couples and lightweight crews (less than 150kg in total). Ideally suited to our sea conditions the class has been sailing at Lancing SC for many years 

The combination of a trapeze for the crew and a large spinnaker ensures exciting sailing. With a tough 4.4m long hull, it works well off Lancing beach, and the traditional spinnaker gives greater flexibility to racing venues and courses than is found with the newer asymmetric dinghies.

Nationally there is a friendly fleet with great socials and well-established, active UK and International class associations. 

RS aero

RS Aero is a technically advanced boat easily handled too. Astonishingly, the RS Aero weighs about the same as an Optimist.

The RS Aero ignites the pure excitement of sailing in its least complicated form. Three rig sizes enable youths, ladies and guys to enjoy the ride

RS 700

The RS700 is a single-handed racing dinghy built by RS Sailing and designed in 2000 by Nick Peters and Alex Southon as part of the RS series and built-in 2001. 
Hull weight123 lb (56 kg) (174 lb (79 kg) total sailing weight)
Beam6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) (7 ft 8 in (2.34 m) maximum beam with racks extended)
Spinnaker area166 sq ft (15.4 m2)


The International Contender is one of the most exhilarating boats to sail, the Contender enjoys the varied sailing conditions we have at Lancing. This class has stood the test of time being one of the first single-handed boats to have a trapeze, bringing with it incredible performance. Not a boat for the total beginner, but you will not want to come ashore once mastered and off on a windy reach.

The Contender is ready to sail in a flash. Cover off, sail up, rudder on and you are away (and no unreliable crew to worry about). The class has not stood still and some boats have a carbon mast and boom with a loose-footed sail. Second-hand Contenders can be purchased from just a few hundred pounds, offering a lot of fun for not too much money. If you are interested come and talk to us at the club.


The original Comet is fast and exciting for club racing but with its roomy uncluttered cockpit and can be ideal for beginners and lightweights. Having been built for twenty-five years, there are large fleets at many clubs and the active Class Association organises plenty of Comet races each year. Renowned as a deceptively fast dinghy in light winds, the decent sail area and light hull ensure an exciting ride in a breeze. The Comet will easily cartop at only 50kg hull weight and use a two-piece mast. Built-in GRP in a wide range of colour schemes a standard Comet is ready to sail and has top quality fittings with powerful rig controls led aft.

A new exciting variation is the Comet Extra with a 6 sq m Mylar Sail on a 570mm shorter mast. The sail has battens and a zipper on a sleeve luff allowing the sail to be raised on a halyard. The shorter mast and smaller but more efficient sail make the Xtra easier for lighter crews. As the overall performance of the new Xtra is very similar to an original Comet, Xtras can race alongside Comets at Open Meetings.


The Topper was designed in 1977 and has yet to be bettered for its value and all-around ability. It can be raced single-handed at club level and on the ITCA (GBR) class association race circuit. It also works well as a training boat for novices and tolerates all sorts of use and abuse. It is ideally suited to Lancing beach and can be sailed straight up the beach at any state of the tide, without damage.

The LSC Topper Class has its own annual Topper League, which encourages frequent sailing and recognises newer helms.