The original Comet is fast and exciting for club racing but with its roomy uncluttered cockpit and can be ideal for beginners and lightweights. Having been built for twenty-five years, there are large fleets at many clubs and the active Class Association organises plenty of Comet races each year. Renowned as a deceptively fast dinghy in light winds, the decent sail area and light hull ensure an exciting ride in a breeze. The Comet will easily cartop at only 50kg hull weight and use a two-piece mast. Built-in GRP in a wide range of colour schemes a standard Comet is ready to sail and has top quality fittings with powerful rig controls led aft.

A new exciting variation is the Comet Extra with a 6 sq m Mylar Sail on a 570mm shorter mast. The sail has battens and a zipper on a sleeve luff allowing the sail to be raised on a halyard. The shorter mast and smaller but more efficient sail make the Xtra easier for lighter crews. As the overall performance of the new Xtra is very similar to an original Comet, Xtras can race alongside Comets at Open Meetings.