LSC Club Boats

Ground Rules

Lancing Sailing Club has a number of club boats including RTS Tera’s, Toppers, RS Feva’s, Zests and Lasers, for use by any club member who wants to try sailing without supervision, assuming you have some basic sailing skills. They can be used in light and moderate winds (up to force 4), weather and sea conditions only. These dinghies are NOT for use by members who do not want to risk their own dinghy in the conditions on the day. It is not intended that any individual uses the dinghies on a long term basis instead of acquiring their own.


Fees: Adults: £10, Juniors: £5 – Payment can be made to the canteen/bar or to a committee member.

Complete the booking forms below. You can only book up to one week in advance or on the day
Please be considerate to other members (if you took the dingy out the previous week and someone else wants a turn please stand aside. However, if no one takes it out, go for it; they are there to be used)
Priority will be given to members who do not have their own dinghy
If you have booked a club boat and are wondering if the conditions are too much for you the answer is probably yes. Your safety is paramount and we don’t want to damage the boats either

Preparation & Rigging

  • The club dinghies are kept in the annex compound (west of the clubhouse)
  • Sails, dagger boards and rudders are kept in the annex hut. Make sure that you use the right equipment. All parts (masts, booms, rudders, centreboards (dagger board) etc) are marked with green paint.
  • If you are not sure how to rig the dinghy ask the fleet captains, David Trout, Matt Carter, Barry Simmons or any experienced helm, where possible arrive at the club around 1hr30mins before the scheduled race start to give the helms a chance to also prepare their boat as well.
  • Once you have come ashore, wash the boat down including the hull, blocks, sheets and control lines.
  • Tidy the boat up and roll the sail up.
  • Return all the equipment including sails, dagger board & rudder to the annex hut storage area
  • Return the boat to the appropriate space and put the cover on 
  • It is your responsibility to make sure the boat is put away after sailing
  • Report any damage to or speak to Barry or Matt. It doesn’t matter if the fault is caused by you or not.

*Restricted availability on training days and other times, please check availability with the Membership Secretary before booking!