Dear Members

 An Extra General Meeting of the club will be held at the club and online at 8pm on Thursday 29th February 2024, with the following meeting invite: 

All club members are welcome to attend but, under club rule 36, only family sailing, full sailing, student, young adult and honorary members who are not Commodores of neighbouring clubs, are entitled to vote. 


Agenda in brief below, Follow this link for a more detailed agenda and description of the propose changes

1. To declare the meeting open 

2. To receive apologies for absence 

3. To approve AGM minutes from 2022 and 2023 (follow links) 

4. To pass updates to the club rules 

5. To declare the formal meeting closed. 

Members are reminded: 

• that the formal business of the meeting is confined to the agenda items above

• that voting preferences may be submitted in writing or by e-mail to the secretary, provided they are received at least one day before the meeting (Rule 36) 

Peter Fussey, 

Honorary Secretary

 Please reply to Peter Fussey Via Whatsapp or Email:

 To access the documents you will need a login, if you don’t have one please request via the website. Alternatively paper copies can be made available at the club or we can share electronically the documents to you.

 Work Parties

Sunday 17th March

Saturday 23rd March

 Socials please book on the website

·         Nearly Valentine’s Walk – Sunday 11th February