Members are invited to an Extraordinary General Meeting on Monday, June 28th 2021
to be held via ‘TEAMS’ starting at *8.00 pm

Purpose of meeting:
To adopt a new membership category that will allow Lancing Sea Swimmers to join LSC on a trial basis.

The Management Committee want to increase and diversify membership to include a Sea Swimming Division. The aim is to help LSC remain a sustainable, fun and social club and the Sea Swimming division would help achieve this as well as contribute financially, support the demand on membership duties and inject a renewed social dynamic.
The proposal ensures that LSC remains a Sailing Club first and foremost and guards against any change to that position. The intention is to bring in new members with a kindred love of the sea and water sports but that will not clash with the sailing activities of the Club and hopefully will increase participation in sailing and club activities.

Proposed by Andrew Carter and seconded by Simon Mathews

‘TEAMS’  login details can be obtained from or if you cannot attend the meeting, your vote can be emailed to Penny Mathews Hon. Sec. 

*Votes should be with Penny no later than 24 hours before the meeting start time.